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Conditions of Use

Shop to Create TOU/ Terms of Use Agreement

NO SHARING of any product sold/purchased at our store is permitted.

Each Artist has their own set of conditions for use of their products/items. Please be sure you read the Artist's individual terms of use supplied by Shop to Create in each zipped item folder. Any questions on terms of use can be submitted to

Important Terms and Conditions

1. Use the artwork to create something new for personal or commercial use.

These graphics must be incorporated into something new that you've created yourself. In other words, they can't be re-sold AS the original graphics you receive within other graphic collections (including blank, uncustomized siggys and avatars, psp tubes, and formats that are transparent). This artwork may not be used in any type of mass production, and when using in digital scrapbook kits, they must be merged/flattened onto something else (such as a frame, tag, or background paper), or you may add a sticker border. Kits created for the purpose of resale should not contain more than 50% of the collection purchased (e.g. if a collection you purchase from me has 10 images, please only use 5 of those images per kit).

2. Give proper credit to the original artist.

Credit for the artwork should be stated as "________created using artwork by  "________" (insert the original artist's name)" on all web pages, letters, merged items, tags, scrap sets and packaging where these designs are displayed...and a link should ALWAYS be provided to  when using Items you have purchased here. We have the work of several artists on this site, and giving the ORIGINAL ARTIST  credit for their work is vital. A link back to Shop to Create (as the seller of the work) is also required when using the purchased artwork.

3. Tutorials 

When purchasing a Tutorial from this Shop, you MUST not Share the said tutorial with anyone else. These tutorials are for use only by the person purchasing the tutorial (or by the recipient of the tutorial as a gift..etc) NO sharing of any tutorials purchased here are to be shared with Yahoo Groups, Blogs, Web Sites or anything of the like. You are also required to link all tutorials back to the shop when you complete your tutorial results (link back to and provide the 'Name of the Tutorial", and the "Writer of the Tutorial" along with the Shop to Create direct link back.

4. Personalized Items

Any personalized items purchased from Shop to Create can be used in any fashion you wish. These are your items and made special to order. However, please do not rip apart any letters made for you. Leave the items intact (as-is). 

5. PSP (Paint Shop Pro) Supplies and Items

Do NOT Share any of the Templates, Masks, Patterns, Textures, or Scrap Kits you purchase here. These items must be incorporated into something new that you've created yourself. In other words, they can't be re-sold AS the original or passed on to others for use in their projects. 

If you have any further questions or comments - please e-mail us at: